If your wisdom teeth are giving you issues or causing you pain, you probably want to know more about wisdom teeth removal cost. Because our teeth are expected to last a lifetime we are all born with four extra teeth behind our molars. And, while they may not make us smarter they certainly do provide us with some back-up in the event that we lose a molar. Most of us do not need to use our wisdom teeth however and for different reasons, may need to have them extracted. Evergreen Dental’s highly skilled team has the expertise and experience to assist you with complex wisdom tooth extractions that are affordable. Let’s take a closer look at what can make this procedure complex and how it influences the total wisdom teeth removal cost.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Extracted?

The wisdom teeth only emerge late in our teens, and sometimes even in our twenties. If the jaw is too small to accommodate the new teeth, it can cause pain and discomfort. If there is little space between the wisdom and molars it can also make it difficult to clean between the spaces and lead to decay.

Some wisdom teeth cause pain from pressure when the mouth is too small. Sometimes the wisdom tooth does not emerge fully from the gum, which can cause infection. In other cases, patients who have worn braces may realise that the emergence of their wisdom teeth can push the teeth out of alignment.

What Are The Costs Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

The total cost of the extraction will depend on the complexity of your situation and this often hinges on the type of anaesthetic used for the procedure. You can expect to pay up to $500 per tooth and if local anaesthetic is administered for all four wisdom teeth to be removed, the procedure can cost up to $2000.

If you need to have general anaesthetic administered or the procedure performed in a hospital environment,  this can increase the cost of the procedure to up to $3000 per tooth.

Where you live also influences the total cost of your procedure. Wisdom tooth extraction costs differ between states and it is cheaper to have the procedure done in a major city than in a more remote area.

How Is The Cost Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction Calculated?

Once you have had an initial consultation, your dentist will evaluate whether you need a surgical extraction. If the procedure is relatively uncomplicated your dentist will be able to perform the procedure in-chair.

Your dentist will numb the area with local anaesthetic before making a cut in your gum to get to the tooth and bone underneath it. Sometimes a tooth that is too difficult to remove in one go will need to be divided into smaller pieces first. After the extraction, the area will be cleaned. In some cases, a stitch will be required to close up the area, otherwise, your dentist will give you a wad of cotton to bite down onto to help with the clotting process.

What Complications Can Occur When Extracting Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom teeth have developed cysts this can cause complications with the extraction procedure. Cysts can cause the roots of your wisdom teeth to grow around the nerves in your jaw. This makes the extraction process more complicated and the wisdom teeth removal cost more expensive, as your dentist needs to ensure that no nerve damage occurs during the extraction.


Do you have more questions about wisdom teeth removal cost or want to find out more about what you can expect from the procedure? Contact our team at Evergreen Dental for answers today: (02) 8074 3849 .

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  1. Ava Bayldon

    How does it all go down? That’s the question I had in mind prior to reading this post. Looks like I have to get mine pulled and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m a bit nervous actually; I never had surgery before. I’m just trying to mentally prep myself with the cost and stuff and this article did a lot of help. Thanks.


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