Despite the fact that dental implants are considered the gold standard for the replacement of missing teeth, it’s understandable that anyone who is considering implant-based restorations may feel somewhat apprehensive. After all, it’s an invasive procedure, so one of the main questions people ask is will I experience tooth implant pain? Let’s take a closer look….

During surgery

If you didn’t already know, there are several phases to the procedure spanning several months. Part of the implant procedure involves drilling down into the jawbone and securing a titanium implant into the socket. The idea is that over time, the remaining bone tissue fuses with the device to create a super-strong, stand alone structure which is then able to support a crown, a bridge, or be one of several implants that support a fixed partial denture. While the procedure itself may seem a little gruesome, the fact is that patients generally don’t feel any pain at all. This is because most are placed under conscious sedation, meaning that they’re in a relaxed and carefree state, but are able to respond to instructions.

What about tooth Implant pain after surgery?

Clearly the amount of implant pain felt post surgery will often depend upon several factors. These include:

• The amount of implants placed
• The degree of complications
• The possibility of any other surgery including bone grafts/sinus lifts etc.

On the one hand, it’s entirely possible for a patient who has no other complications to have a single implant inserted one day and be back to work the next, experiencing little or no pain whatsoever. Conversely, a patient who has had several implants placed, with minor complications may experience some pain and therefore will need several days to recover.

That said any jaw pain felt after implant surgery should easily be brought under control with nothing more than over-the-counter pain killers and/or hot or cold compresses to ease any bruising or swelling. Generally speaking, If dental implant pain after 2 weeks is felt, it’s not normal and patients should go back to their dentist right away.

What about 12 months down the line?

If patients feel a dental implant dull ache, or experiences a bad taste coming from the implant site then it could be signs of dental implant failure. That said, this is why implant patients have regular check-ups, so that their dentist can spot any signs of possible implant failure before they get to this point. Usually when patients experience tooth implant pain after 6 months, 12 months, or even later then it’s often an indication that the implant has already, and for whatever reason, failed. In addition it’s worth mentioning that dental implant discomfort is usually one of the last signs of a failed implant and not every person who experiences a problematic implant will feel pain. This is why regular post implant check-ups are vitally important!

Can your body reject an implant?

The good news is that it’s extremely rare for the human body to reject a dental implant. Why? Quite simply because the vast majority of dental implants are made from titanium – Yes, that’s the same titanium that goes into making super cars and rockets! Titanium is not only incredibly light and super-strong, but it has another factor. It’s bio-compatible meaning that it isn’t harmful or toxic to any living tissue.

So to recap…anyone considering whether tooth implant pain is enough to dissuade them from undergoing implant-based restorations, the truth is that they needn’t worry. Any pain felt is usually post surgery and minimal at best. What’s more it should only last for several days and should easily be brought under control using everyday over-the counter pain killers such as Paracetamol, Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

Any discomfort felt after this point, such as dental implant pain after one month, 6 months, or 12 months, is usually a sign of further complications. The good news is that in this modern age of technology, complications due to either the implants themselves, or implant placement, are very rare and in most cases the number one reason that implants fail is due to improper dental hygiene. So if patients can nail this aspect of their aftercare, then there is no reason why patients can’t experience a (minimally) pain free procedure from start to finish.

Don’t let anxiety or worry put you off undergoing an implant based restoration. Instead any questions or concerns regarding dental implant procedure pain can be directed at our experienced team who will answer honestly and fully. Why not book your consultation with the Evergreen Dental team today on (02) 8074 3849 and take the first steps towards restoring your less than perfect smile.


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