Travelling abroad to have cut-price dental implants overseas may seem a little crazy when you can drive 5-10 minutes to your local dentist and have the same treatment done. Yet strangely enough, dental vacation packages are big business. Of course, this may be down to some pretty amazing dental implant deals that countries like Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand offer, with some tempting customers with cut price implants advertised for 70% less than those back home! Add to this a tropical climate and endless hours of sunshine and it’s easy to see why many people seek the cheapest dental implants abroad! However, while the decision to become a dental tourist is primarily down to saving money, this can be a risky strategy that can end up costing patients much more than the vacation itself. With this in mind, here are some other important factors that should also be considered, before a person decides that getting an overseas dental implant is the way to go!


Due to the very nature of dental opportunities abroad, dentists offering cheap dental implants overseas will usually look to conduct several treatments within a short space of time. This may mean that there just isn’t enough time for a patient to fully recover from one dental treatment before performing the next. This exacerbates the chance of dental implant complications in some cases.


Quality of standards

It would be wrong to suggest that all overseas dentists simply don’t offer the same high-quality standards as an Australian dentist. However, what is true is that the levels of training, plus the quality of treatment and standards, are often far stricter here in Australia than they are for other countries. Ultimately, the risk of complications including infections when undergoing dental implants overseas may be greater if you choose the wrong dentist abroad.

Language barriers

Another problem that people seeking an overseas dental implant may fail to realise is the language barrier. While it’s easy to convey any fears, concerns or questions you have about your dental implant treatment to a dentist who speaks your language, it can create more chances of instructions, advice and answers becoming misconstrued when dealing with a dentist abroad.

Limited recourse

Finally, what about if complications do arise? After all, even in the most capable of hands, dental implants fail in 2-5% of all cases. If you are unfortunate and experience this problem after undergoing a dental implant overseas, you’ll probably need to take more time off work, fly back to the clinic in whatever country it may be and hopefully, get the problem fixed. Clearly this isn’t an ideal situation. On the contrary, when you seek a local dental implant dentist they’ll insist on regular check-ups to ensure that your treatment stays on track. This way, any problems or issues that might occur can be dealt with quickly, saving you both time and money.

The key takeaway…

If you are considering overseas dental implants then we would suggest that you look further than a cash saving. Weigh up the pros and cons carefully, do your homework and make a decision based on all these factors. Remember, don’t risk the cheapest dental implants abroad only to incur an expensive health bill upon you return. If you are considering dental implants, we strongly recommend talking to the team at Evergreen Dental in Chatswood today (02) 8074 3849 .


  1. Sebastian Goudie

    I need implants for my front teeth canine to canine but the costs are astronomical and my company’s health insurance is useless. I am considering going overseas but still a little apprehensive so I started
    researching for pros and cons and was lucky to find all of ’em here.
    Looking at the cons I realized it is definitely a task in research one has to do before getting dental treatment overseas. A few dollars seem appealing when it comes to having big dental jobs done, but you’re right, the risks should be a significant deterrent. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  2. Amelia Jordan

    My teeth are in fairly good health, but I have a few missing teeth so I figured it’s time to visit the dentist and see if I could have implants. However, finding one in Sydney who’s prepared to do the work at a price I could afford is another matter. I’ve seen a few dentists now but the sums they offer were so huge I wanted to look further afield. Going overseas was a well-trodden path but this article does make a lot of sense. The potential dangers that accompany a dental implant treatment abroad can have dire consequence. I think I’d rather have it closer to home but I’m wondering how to find ways of cutting expensive bills though.

  3. Ashley Spargo

    My husband needs to have several dental implants which will cost us
    thousands of dollars. He is thinking of going abroad for treatment as he thinks it will be cheaper. But I am concerned about the quality of treatment and the cost of doing this, I wouldn’t want us to get ripped off, or to come home needing even more repair work. When I read this blog, it dawned on me that I am right to be concerned. It’s far less risky to go to someone reputable here in Australia
    than have dodgy restorations to be carried out abroad.


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