If you’ve ever looked into implant-based restorations in Australia then chances are that you’ve been taken aback by the dental implant cost? Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines may offer an alternative, and with prices up to 60% or 70% less, you can understand why over 10,000 Australians made the trip abroad to seek out cut price dental implants in Thailand and beyond. After all, throw in some sunshine, a nice hotel, and plenty of relaxation and it really is a no brainer – or so you’d think!

Sadly, just as the number of people seeking dental implants in Thailand is increasing, so too are the number of people returning from their dental holiday with less than satisfactory outcomes. In addition to receiving poor dental work, they now face an extra cost charged by the Australian dentist who needs to put it right.

Let’s get one thing straight – There are some exceptionally good dentists and dental clinics in Thailand, just as there are poor dentists in Australia, but as you can imagine, anyone seeking dental implant treatment overseas may encounter a whole heap of problems that they don’t necessarily find back here. As a result, if you’ve Googled ‘how much does a dental implant cost in Thailand‘ and are considering booking the first flight out of Sydney based on your findings, then there are some important factors that you should really know before you take the plunge. Let’s take a closer look.

Dental Implant Cost  Thailand – Cut Price May Mean Poor Quality

As already stated, Thailand doesn’t have the monopoly on poor dentists. So, while they also have their share of first-class dentists offering the best dental implants, they aren’t usually the ones offering bargain basement prices. Alternatively (and this goes for dentists in Australia too) Thai dentists offering the cheapest dental implants are usually the ones who:

  • Have limited chairside experience
  • Aren’t trained in new technologies and techniques and,
  • Use lesser known implants or older implant designs because they’re considerably cheaper.

Knowing this, would you really put yourself in the hands of a dentist who ticks any or all of the above boxes? We’re guessing the answer would probably be a resounding no!

For this reason, it’s worth considering why a particular dentist prices their dental implant cost in Thailand so low and certainly, you should be asking questions of the dentist regarding their experience, training, and types of implant used, as a minimum. If they aren’t forthcoming with this information, or you have any niggling doubts, then avoid them like the plague!

A Lack of Follow Up Treatment

What usually happens with patients seeking dental vacation packages to Thailand is that once they have completed their treatment they return back home to Australia. For many people the time between treatment and flying home is usually only a matter of one or two weeks, to fit in with annual leave restraints and/or personal schedules.

While this may be okay for say, undergoing a cosmetic treatment like a dental veneer or inlay/onlay, dental implants are different. They may require multiple treatments including bone grafts, sinus lifts, etc, some of which may be rushed through to fit in with the patient’s travel arrangements.

In addition, recovery time needs to be set aside for bone fusion to take place. As a result, often patients won’t know if problems have occurred until several weeks or even months down the line. That’s long after any treatment has ended and is usually at the point where the patient is unable to return to the dental practice in Thailand to sort the problem out.

Inevitably the patient in question ends up contacting their local dentist who then has to fix the issue. Often with limited or zero knowledge of what the dentist in Thailand has done.

To avoid this problem, you may want to first look at what recourse you have with the practice should you experience implant problems. If for instance they guarantee any ongoing dental work for a period of time, then a flight back may be worth the dental implant cost. Thailand patients may also want to consider booking flexible open-ended tickets if possible.

The Language Barrier

The other issue, of course, is that when seeking dental implants in Thailand, you could well find yourself with a problem when it comes to communication. You could argue that many people in Thailand (particularly dentists) speak English, so there really is no issue. However, the best dental implant dentists are the ones who not only listen to a patient’s needs and requirements but fully understand them in order to incorporate them into their treatment plan. Often these kinds of details can get lost in translation, particularly when English isn’t their mother tongue.

As a top tip, you might want to find out beforehand if English is widely spoken by all staff. This way if you need information, you’re not stuck with being unable to communicate.

As you can see, there are problems that can arise when flying abroad for dental implant treatment that you wouldn’t have to worry about back home. So if you are still swayed by the dental implant costs in Thailand and you feel that it’s a deal that you simply can’t pass up, then do your homework before you go and don’t be swayed by the cheapest dental implant prices.

In addition, don’t forget to check out any reviews and testimonials, and if possible, make contact with the clinic beforehand so that you know what to expect before you board the plane.

Alternatively, if you feel that seeking dental implant treatment is a difficult enough choice without having to travel abroad to do it, we’d be happy to speak to you. Here at Evergreen Dental, we’re an experienced team who have successfully placed dental implants into many patients, so why not book a consultation with the team and let us show you what we can do. To make an appointment call today on 02 8074 3849 and take the first steps towards getting a healthy, happy smile you can be proud of.

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  1. Makayla Cubadgee

    This post is just what I was looking for! I was hoping to see how it is to get dental implants in Thailand. I was looking to get there soon because I’ve heard great things about it. But, because it is my first time and I’m a bit nervous, I felt like I have to do some more homework and thank goodness I did. There is no recourse if something goes wrong. I’d rather spend a little extra money getting implants right here than return from Thailand with less than satisfactory outcomes or worst.


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