Looking for dental implant cost Malaysia? You’re not alone. According to the Australian Dental Association as many as 10 000 people jet off to foreign countries seeking lower cost dental treatments. And many of them head for the warm and balmy shores of Southeast Asia to do just that as part of a growing trend called dental tourism.

And why not? You can combine an exotic holiday with lower cost dental treatment right? As with all things in life, getting your dental implants done in Malaysia comes with a mixed bag of pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at them so you can make an informed decision.

The Pros

Dental professionals in Malaysia are accommodating and friendly

Malaysia is world renowned for its excellent levels of customer service, and many patients report experiencing top-notch facilities and very professional service. Malaysia is favoured as one of the most popular Asian destinations for implants by Australians because communication is generally easier than other countries.

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Dental implants in Malaysia cost a fraction of the price

Prices vary between different private practices, and depending on the complexity of treatment, but many patients report that they can get dental implants plus an international holiday in Malaysia for the same price as just the procedure back at home.

Currency and the strength of the dollar certainly do make dental implants more affordable in Malaysia however patients are advised to find out what implants will be used prior to the procedure, and to enquire whether spares are readily available once they return home.

If a Malaysian dentist is going to use sub-standard implants it does make the trip much more expensive in the long run.

The Cons

Are the dental standards the same overseas?

One of the biggest risks of dental tourism is that the dental practitioners do not subscribe to the same standards as Australian dentists. There may be not be legal recourse if you have your implants placed overseas and experience complications, because the overarching regulations are different between Australia and Malaysia. The code of conduct that a local dentist would need to comply with would not apply to a Malaysian dental practitioner.

Will your expectations be met?

Perhaps your idea of an aesthetically pleasing implant or colour match is not the same as a Malaysian dentist’s. In the short period that you will be visiting the country, is there time for remakes or adjustments? If your expectations are not met, the overall cost of having dental implants in Malaysia could be a lot higher than you initially budgeted.

The patient-practitioner long term relationship

Some procedures, like dental implants, may end up being rushed because you are on a fixed term visit. Your implants may take four to six months to heal completely and you probably haven’t budgeted that long to stay away for. In this instance you would leave Malaysia and head home, and any complications and follow-up treatment would need to be managed by your Australian dentist.

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  1. Brianna Ringrose

    Good point!
    I really shudder when people go overseas and come back with an implant in one go. For a start, the gums need to have some healing period before the teeth are added. You need several visits too. I got 3 implants in Sydney a few years back and they’re all well worth it. I admit there were quite a few sacrifices I had to make to cover the costs but I thought then that it might be worth saving for the future and so it is.


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