Are you feeling anxious about getting dental implants? Don’t worry it’s only natural. After all, implants don’t come cheap and they do involve surgery. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that before deciding to go ahead with the tooth implant procedure, most patients ask “are dental implants safe?”

First the good news

Let’s put your mind at rest right away and say that yes, dental implants are safe. However, their success depends on any number of factors. As a rule of thumb you need to have a healthy mouth free from gum disease, and a sufficient amount of bone to support the implant. It’s also very important that you’re in good general health too. Provided this is the case then dental implants may be a great treatment for you. In fact, your health is of more importance than your age and even if you’re in your 70’s or 80’s, you won’t necessarily be ruled out. Many of our patients are in their senior years and enjoying life to the max, thanks to fully functioning teeth, once more.

Now for the bad news

Unfortunately, medical conditions including certain types of diabetes can slow down the healing process after surgery, which means that you may not be considered as a suitable candidate. In addition, certain heart conditions may mean that going under the knife is a risk. Smoking is also known to interfere with the healing process, so if you do smoke be aware that you may have to give it up for several months during the implant process, or preferably, for good.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants have one main advantage over dental bridges and conventional dentures in that they offer a permanent solution to the replacement of missing teeth. During the procedure, implants are secured into the gap left by the missing teeth. Because they’re made from bio-compatible titanium, there’s little risk of your body rejecting them. After a period of time, the surrounding bone fuses with the implants to provide a strong foundation to support the replacement teeth. After several weeks or months of healing time, a dental bridge or dentures can be attached to the implants to complete the restoration.

Even better, since the implants replace missing teeth roots and stimulate the bone beneath, any previous bone loss that occured naturally is halted. As a result, your facial structure is restored, often making you look years younger.

Now you know the answer to your question “are dental implants safe?” why not get in touch with the expert team at Evergreen Dental to see if you’re a suitable candidate. Call us today on (02) 8074 3849 and start smiling again.