Low Radiation CT Scans for Thorough Oral Examination

At Evergreen, our priority is not only treating external issues, but also getting to the very root of the problem. To this end, we conduct thorough examinations to find out exactly what’s happening, why, and how best to treat it. With typical examinations, we rely upon the latest dental x-ray technology. For situations where this technology is insufficient, we are equipped with machinery for low radiation CT scanning.

Officially known as computed tomography (CT), our in-house CT x-ray machine is capable of generating detailed 3-D images of the mouth in a single scan. This imagery allows us to evaluate diseases of the jaw, dentition, bone structures of the face, nasal cavity and sinuses. While this technology produces the most detailed x-ray images, it is not suitable for routine use due to much higher levels of radiation exposure.

The Low Radiation CT Scanning Process

During a low radiation CT scan, between 150 and 200 high-resolution two dimensional (2-D) images are taken of the mouth.

These images are then digitally constructed into a 3-D rendering which contains valuable oral and craniofacial health information.

Other benefits to this scanning technology are:

  • Pain-free scanning that’s also precise and accurate
  • Simultaneous capture of bone and soft tissue images
  • Higher image quality and lower radiation exposure
  • Wider variety of views and angles allows for a more complete evaluation
  • More precise treatment planning
  • No lingering radiation post-examination
Low Radiation CT Scan

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