Quality Dentures at our Chatswood Clinic

For residents in Sydney looking to replace multiple teeth or an entire set, we offer a number of solutions, custom-made to replicate the user’s natural bite. Missing teeth can make it difficult to eat and speak. Another consequence is the sagging which occurs due to lack of facial muscle support.

At Evergreen we strive to help our patients live and eat as comfortably as possible. We can assist you with full dentures at our clinic. We also provide partial sets and dental implants.

What are my options?

We offer three options; two full options, conventional and immediate, and one partial.

  • Conventional Full: This requires full extraction. Only once the mouth is devoid of teeth and has fully healed can this denture be placed. The healing process can take several months, during which time the candidate remains without teeth.
  • Immediate Full: Much like the conventional full, immediate full dentures also require complete extraction. How they differ is that this option can be placed immediately, removing the need for the candidate to temporarily go without teeth. Because dental bones reshape as they heal, these need to be relined periodically.
  • Partial: With this option, metal framework containing a partial set of teeth is attached to natural teeth in a manner similar to dental bridges except that these are removable. They are available in Cobolt, Chrome, and Acrylic.
Denture Clinic

Not All Denture Clinics in Chatswood offer the same level of care. Contact Evergreen to know the difference.

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